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Zero interaction from the public goes to show that we need to run workshops to get people involved. I’m already working on these so watch this space for more info. I will be back and I’m determined to get the people of Scotland writing.

Write100100 Project

Hello and welcome to Write100100.

The object of this blog is to encourage writers, potential writers and people who don’t know they are writers, to write. People of any age are welcome, this is a child-friendly site. I’d like to inspire you to write at least one short story over the coming months but I’m hopeful that many of you will write more than one.

I’m going to write 100 first draft short stories in 100 days. Each day will start with a call on Twitter (@write100100 ) for a topic. This could take the form of a five-word challenge, a name, place, event or just an everyday occurrence. I’ll take the topic and free-write (non stop writing for ten minutes, the pen/fingers on keys must not stop) about it. The free-write will then be uploaded to this blog for you to use if you want to. I’ll then spend a few minutes analysing the free-write. Some days I will use all of it in my story, other days it might just be a line or two but at the end of each day, I will have a first draft short story of between 1000-2000 words which will be uploaded to this blog. Please feel free to join in whenever you can, by using the topic, free-write or anything you like. Write once a day or every other day, maybe once a week but most of all, enjoy your writing, that is more important than the finished article. First drafts are all about getting the story down, you can edit later. Don’t worry if there is incorrect spelling or punctuation, it doesn’t matter if there are plot holes or you don’t like the ending. You can even add extra characters at a later date. Don’t get it right, get it written.

I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a writer living in a small, stone cottage on an island in the Outer Hebrides. I used to write for automotive magazines, car club newsletters and I’ve dabbled with poetry. In 2012, I spent a lot of time travelling up and down the UK on trains for my work, this gave me hours of free time and I started to write again. I finished my first novel in 2016 and it is doing the rounds of agents and competitions as I write this.

I do hope this blog will encourage and inspire you to write. I do not have a launch date yet but if you follow the blog and twitter a launch date will be announced soon.